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Wow, what a heading! Some would call it lack of imagination, I like to think of it as artistic restraint — it’s just too easy to make puns with “SMILe”!

Progress on SMIL continues, albeit in slow motion. Just a really quick note for those one or two people who want to know what’s going on:

  • Not only does it compile it now runs too!
  • All my visual tests pass again
  • All my unit tests pass again
  • My early attempt at <animateTransform> is up and running again and seems to work.

I need to do some tidying up before it’s ready for review. Most of all:

  • Some deCOMtamination
  • Making better use of Moz utilities (string iterators, nsTArray etc.)
  • Removing redundant code
  • Fixing the scope of the animation controller

It’s hard to give a timeframe for this — it depends a bit on my workload with other things (Japanese, Bible college, surfing, life – not to mention my day job). Hopefully a month?

As for new feature work, I’ll have to re-negotiate with work before I can do that. So I’d really appreciate any help at all. The SVG guys have already been incredibly helpful and have begun preparing the SVG code so it can be animated more efficiently. Thanks guys!

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Great to see you back, man :) Hope you’ll publish early and often ;)


Can’t wait!


Great news, lets go!!!

Antoine Quint

Great news, I just can’t wait to see animation support in Firefox. I have one question, in the support page. It seems the biggest hole is lack of support for . Is there serious work to be done on that one? Or is it
mostly that there is no code yet to handle animation of SVGTransform datatype? Thanks again for all this great work!


I guess WordPress ate part of your message – did you mean <animateTransform>?

Animating SVGTransform turns out to be quite easy. I have a prototype implementation (I’ve updated the status page now). The hardest part from the SVG side of things looks to be animating CSS properties.

From the SMIL side of the things the hardest part still to go looks like syncbase timing.

Thanks to everyone for their encouraging comments!


SMIL SVG in Firefox, that’ll be a boost, WOW !!


hey good to see progress here :)
and dont hink to low of ur side, its at least 100-200 people interested in ur work :)
wbr Shin Gouki


Thanks again for all the encouraging comments!


Hi, Great Work! I just started working with the Mozilla source a couple of months ago and I would love to help out. I have some experience deCOMtaminating things, but I’m happy to work on other things as well. Please let me know the best way I can help contribute to your efforts.



Hi Alex,

Thanks for your kind offer! I think it’s best if I finish the tidying up work before I get help though. If you’re familiar with the Mozilla SVG code then there’s work that can be done there. Otherwise perhaps attempting animateMotion would be a useful and fun contribution. Please contact me if you’re still interested after I finish tidying up.

Thanks again Alex!



I am still interested in your work. Could you give us a status update please?
Thank you!



Still going. I spent several hours on the weekend on the code. Hopefully I’ll be able to do the same this coming weekend and perhaps Thurs night too. I have a list of about 20 things to fix and I’ve done about 5. I hope that gives you some idea? Thanks for the interest!


William J. Edney
William J. Edney

Brian -

Now that Adobe has announced that they’ll stop supporting their SVG plugin as of Jan 2007, we’re all counting on you and the rest of the Mozilla SVG team!!

Thank you for doing this work!! Your efforts are not without appreciation here!


- Bill


Brian: any chance that you’ll push your patch online?

David Bond

Brian - yep, good work here - really looking forward to Firefox with SVG animation and (from WHATWG) sound :)

Please let me know if I can do anything to help (david aaaaa.t davidbond do.ot net).



Hi Bill, gandalf, David,

Thanks for all your comments! I’ve been doing a bit of work on this here and there. Recently I’ve been talking to the Moz SVG guys a bit too so there is some progress. I’ll put up a new patch in a few weeks.

As for help, it would really help if someone is familiar with SMIL or Moz SVG. In particular, if you are familiar with Partick Schmitz’s SMIL design then you could have a go at implementing syncbase timing.

Hopefully this initial patch will get checked in soon and it will be easier for others to contribute. But for now it’s really up to me to address a few remaining issues and I’m a bit stretched at the moment.

Thanks for not giving up on me!


Cyrus Mobasheri
Cyrus Mobasheri

Hi Brian,
I am curently creating an XML base Website, that uses the XSLT Parser of Firefox, to create SVG Files, for the Menu. It contains animations. Are you interested in my code for testing your work?

Jeff Schiller


I’d like to add my voice to the voters and cheer section in reference to Adobe’s latest strategic move (EOLing ASV). Go Team Mozilla!



Hi Brain,
how far are you with your SMIL SVG implemention?

It would be really nice to have a gecko engine, which supports parts of the SMIL SVG implemention.


Hi IFlo,

tor has started to pick up the work. You can follow the progress at bugzilla #216462. Yes, the hope would be to get this into the next version of Gecko.




Just want to thank you for your good job implementing SVG in gecko. I hardly can wait for animations in FF to realize my project!


Thanks Chris!

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki

Hey brian!
nice to see progress!And Also integration of ur work!
Its such great news!
Should be posted on ur main page :)
wbr Shin Gouki

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