SMIL implementation status

xlink:href Implemented
attributeName Implemented
attributeType Implemented
begin, end
offset values Implemented
syncbase values Implemented
event values Implemented
repeat values Implemented
accessKey values Implemented
wallclock values Not implemented, and not planned
dur Implemented
min, max Implemented
restart Implemented
repeatCount Implemented
repeatDur Implemented
fill Implemented
calcMode Implemented
values Implemented
keyTimes Implemented
keySplines Implemented
from Implemented
to Implemented
by Implemented
additive Implemented
accumulate Implemented
<set> Implemented
<animateMotion> Implemented
<animateColor> Not implemented, and not planned
<animateTransform> Implemented
Interface ElementTimeControl Implemented
Interface TimeEvent Implemented
Interface SVGAnimationElement Implemented
SVGSVGElement animation-related DOM methods
pauseAnimations Implemented
unpauseAnimations Implemented
animationsPaused Implemented
getCurrentTime Implemented
setCurrentTime Implemented
Hyperlinking Not implemented
Integration with SVG/CSS

Animation of SVG types

SVGAnimatedLength Implemented
SVGAnimatedNumber Implemented


SVGAnimatedString Implemented
SVGAnimatedRect Implemented
SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio Implemented
SVGAnimatedLengthList Implemented
SVGAnimatedNumberList Implemented
SVGAnimatedTransformList Implemented
SVGAnimatedPoints Implemented
SVGAnimatedPathData Implemented
Animation of CSS properties Implemented
Proper handling of relative values Outstanding issues: Bug 508206

Last modified: 2011-12-22 07:05:04 PM (Australia/Melbourne)