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Additive animation appears to be working. The test case I mentioned in the last post works even the nasty tree re-ordering cases. I’ve also extended the additive test case a little to test a bit more of the dynamic behaviour.

In implementing this I’ve tightened up the implementation of the <animate> element somewhat and wrapped each sample in a pair of calls to suspendRedraw and unsuspendRedraw.

I’m putting feature work on hold while I tidy up the code and update the documentation on the wiki.

The remaining features I hope to add this year are:

  • fill modes
  • restart
  • accumulate
  • min and max
  • keyTimes
  • keySplines

I may have a chance to look at adding support for specifying target elements via xlink:href and perhaps CSS values and relative values but I’m not sure. I’ll be focussing more on thread safety, performance, optimisations, DOM interfaces etc.

The latest patch: smil-anim-2005-09-21-2129.patch


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