Additive animation nearly done

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I’ve done most of the work required for additive animation. The remaining part is to correctly order animations in the animation sandwich after changes to the document structure. So in this test case the last two squares don’t behave as they should. (However, ASV fails in the same way.)

Also, I’ve implemented from/to/by animation and animation using a list of values.

I’ve done a lot of tidying up too but the nsSVG(Animated)Length situation is still a nightmare.

By the end of September I hope to have:

  • cumulative animation, and
  • fill modes

and maybe:

  • restart, and
  • min and max

After that I’ll hopefully add keyTimes and keySplines and calcMode (at least for spline, linear and discrete) but mostly I’ll focus on integration, performance, testing etc. Something should be ready by December.

Here’s the patch for my latest changes: smil-anim-2005-09-14-2043.patch (about 230k).

I haven’t included configure in the diff so you’ll need to regenerate it from

Under Cygwin the following works for me:

$ autoconf-2.13 > configure
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