• Playwright WebKit

    Sharding Playwright tests by browser

    2024-01-22: I’ve updated this to work with Playwright 1.41.

    Last week started like every other week, meaning half a dozen projects were broken by half a dozen incompatible dependency updates. There were the usual suspects like Lexical but most noticeable was Playwright.

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  • Blogging

    In praise of WordPress

    After over a year of fighting with Eleventy and then Astro to set up a this blog just right I find myself needing to set up yet another blog, this time for work. I could just build on what I’ve got with Astro but I can’t help but wonder if I would have been better off sticking with WordPress after all.

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  • Astro

    RSS the hard way: Adventures with Astro Assets

    There’s something depressing about a blog about blogging. I never wanted this to be one of those blogs. But I’ve struggled so much with Astro’s image feature these past few weeks that I really hope it will benefit others and amount to a bit more than one over-engineered RSS feed.

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  • Business in Japan

    Sponsoring Open Source as a Japanese Company

    Six years since my last post, I thought I’d get back into blogging. I plan to write about Web apps and things but I’d also like to talk a bit about running a company in Japan since there’s not a lot of good information on that in English.

    Today, I want to share some notes about sponsoring Open Source through GitHub as a Japanese company.

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