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Our SMIL implementation passed another little milestone yesterday when we landed syncbase timing. We’ve still got a long way to go but this was always going to be the hardest feature for the timing model.

I thought I’d just take this chance to acknowledge some of the people who’ve helped get us here. Particularly Daniel Holbert for his incredible helpfulness and for just being awesome at everything he does; Jonathan Watt for all his help with SMIL recently and for always looking out for me; Robert O’Callahan for his oversight, invaluable input, and support technical and personal; and Chris Double for keeping SMIL moving in the early days.

Also, as alumni of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) I used their library a number of times last year as a kind of virtual office. It’s a great library where they really try to help the students, allow you to eat at your desk, and even let you pay for your fines with canned food that is then given to an Australian charity group. Thanks UTS!

Finally, thanks to Solutions First, specialists in Open Source and Linux solutions and a whole lot more, and who have generously provided me with this web space for longer than I can remember. Cheers guys!

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leaving this feedback here as I found it difficult to place it at the place at where I wanted to.

First, congratulations! I think this is great work. Well done ;) I had just a look over the PDF Report, and now slowly can measure the depth of all this.

I had visited the SVG status page at to get just that and noticed that there is nowhere a date or information on the concerned Firefox version around. There is also no “Last modified” stamp on the page, so a remark as “SVG support is now included in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox!” does formally not mean too much, unless one knows that the project is indeed currently (2010-01) still being worked on and the page is regularly edited. (The former I established when tracking down the bug reports, eventually landing on your page.)

It would be good to have the last editor of such pages to include at least one date somewhere, preferably at the top.

NB: My original concern wrt SVG was to file a feature request for having the SVG graphics zoomed together with the Ctrl-+/- function. By now I discovered that size adjustment is effectively blocked by width=“40%” attributes and the like in the object tag when embedding the svg file via link, not by a missing feature in the browser. To join zooming, size information is simply to be specified in terms of “pt” or other font scaling units.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your message. Sorry about the confusion regarding the pages. I’m afraid it’s not something I’m in a position to fix at this time. I think your best bet is to contact Jonathan Watt and send him your suggestions. Until then you might find this page more helpful: It provides some details about what SVG features are supported in different version of Firefox. For specific details of animation support, my status page should have a bit more detail.

Thanks again Thomas,


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